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Flexible Pub/Sub Messaging

Instantly update browsers, mobile devices, and IoT gadgets with our event-based API.

Live user lists (presence)

Presence channels enable you to show whether users are online or offline in realtime, making chat and collaboration a cinch.

Access control/authentication

We provide a secure mechanism for controlling who can access specific channels with tools that seamlessly integrates with your existing authentication strategies.


Get alerts in Slack, send metrics to dashboards in Datadog, and more.

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Packed with powerful features

WebSockets With Fallbacks

We love WebSockets, and while we have fallback mechanisms that ensure that Pusher works everywhere, we make WebSockets our primary focus.

Client events

Any of your clients can distribute events to all others on the same channel, while ensuring maximum security.

Queryable API

Easily query the state of your connected users, seeing which channels are occupied and how many people are in them with our Query API .

Debug Tools

Our debug console provides a live view of activity in your application to help you identify errors and issues. It also includes an interface for creating dummy events for testing.


Webhooks let you receive the activities of your users in realtime as they happen at the endpoint of your choice.


WIth 30+ libraries, we support most of the languages & frameworks you’re familiar with—if not all of them. We also provide protocol documentation for those who want to build their own libraries.

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